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Zinc alloys die casting

Our core business is production of zinc alloys die casting parts from – zamak 2, zamak 3 in zamak 5. Production is performed with casting machines with closing forces from 25 to 135 tons with annual production of approximately 350 tons of castings.

Our customers from Europe and other continents use our products mainly in electrical, furniture and automotive industry. A large number of our products are installed in health care equipment.

We offer our products that are completely customized to our end users in order to completely fulfil all the requirements of our customers. It is only with complete dedication to work and knowledge that we can offer what the end users require.

Quality products, appropriate knowledge, many years of experience and complete customization to the end user are our main advantages, and at the same time, a prerequisite for a long-term cooperation with our partners.

From idea (plan) to product

Celovita podpora kopcem od ideje  do izdelka

Planning - Together with our customers, we review the plans and harmonize product requirements..

Prduction of the casting tool (mold) - If the customer does not have proper tools (molds) for a particular product, in cooperation with the toolmakers, we firstly design the required tools, which are produced after the customer's confirmation.

Test Series and measurements - After the tools are produced, the testing of the tools and measurements follow. Corrections, if needed, are made. After the corrections are made, new sampling and measurements are performed. Serial production of the product begins after the customer's confirmation of the product.

Serial production - Products are produced in the quantities ordered by the customer, or according to mutual agreement.

Packing - Products are packed in accordance with customer's requirements, or according to the sensitivity of the product. Products are packed in metal boxes, wooden crates and cardboard boxes.

For additional protection, we use a cardboard protection or EPE foil. For highly sensitive products, we also offer individual packing.

Logistics - Our customers are also offered logistics services for the supply of the products. The customer can organize the transport of the ordered products by himself, or we can take care of the entire service.

Production capacity

- Products weight up to 2 kg.
- Products size up to: approx 50 cm.
- 4 hot chamber machines for zinc alloy die casting with clamping force ranging from 25 to 135 tons.
- Machines for finishing of castings (sanding machine, deburring vibrator, drilling operations, grinding machine …).
- Capacity of external partner companies available for mechanical and surface finishing of castings.

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